They fight crime (and other stuff)

הרחבתי קצת את מנגנון ה THEY FIGHT CRIME. תראו, כאן בצד. התוצאות לפעמים מאד מוצלחות:

Movie of the week:
Samuel L. Jackson is an underprivileged well-hung presidential advisor from the 'hood. Rebecca Romijn is a high-kicking hip-hop wrestler with a birthmark shaped like Liberty's torch. And the world will never be the same.Movie of the week:
Woody Allen is a lonely amnesiac therapist who is looking for his long lost wife. Gisele Bundchen is a blind mutant journalist who hides her beauty behind a pair of thick-framed spectacles. They fight crime!

Movie of the week:
Seth Green is an impetuous native American gentleman spy who has an imaginary wife. Eva Mendes is a disco-crazy foul-mouthed mercenary fleeing from a Satanic cult. They fall madly in love.

Movie of the week:
Elijah Wood is an underprivileged uber-human compulsive gambler gone bad. Naomi Watts is a time-travelling punk mechanic living on borrowed time. This is their story.

Movie of the week:
Colin Farrell is an oversexed voodoo test pilot on a search for his missing sister. Kirsten Dunst is a psychotic bisexual bodyguard with her own daytime radio talk show. And guess what? They love each other.

Movie of the week:
Rober De Niro is a genetically engineered moralistic master criminal living undercover at Ringling Bros. Circus. Jennifer Garner is a psychotic African-American bodyguard descended from a line of powerful witches. This is their story.

וכן הלאה וכן הלאה…

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