Great Minds Think Alike

Or as it happened, both Dotan and I wrote the same plug-in the same day. After wordpress 2.7 came out, the normal way to modify the TINYMCE buttons was deprecated and after postponing this as much as I can, I found the the only way to configure tinyMCE for its already made buttons – is with a wordpress plugin (yeah, really). So here, you can use a plug-in for directionality buttons, because you can't configure tinyMCE.

In case anyone is wondering, much programming was not involved, so don't cry to me about how cool a programmer you are and i'm just a packager. I really don't care. I Just had to call up the buttons and tinyMCE directionality plugin, and kept wondering why no one offered this treat in WordPress or in any other venue. The same day I uploaded this php file to a friend's wp installation I saw that Dotan released the same plugin a few hours before. HA!

Introducing the LTRTL plugin.

כמו שהבחנתם, כתבתי את הפוסט הזה באנגלית, אולי זו מגמה חדשה. יותר רייטינג, אני מניח, וגם מכבד את בני-דודינו שצריכים את ה RTL בדיוק כמונו.

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